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  1. Tabapapo is a component that is being developed for the Joomla! CMS. It is a chat room system based on the chat algorithm x-chat in ajax version xq 1.0 by Hedi Carlos Minin downloaded at:

  2. VM2X CryptoCurrency Price
    For Joomla3


    With the continuous rise of bitcoin price, digital currency has gradually become a hot topic in today's society, ,and everyone has begun to pay attention to digital currency .VM2X CryptoCurrrency Price Module help you display the real time market price of popular crypto currency price in your Joomla website, This is the simplest and most convenient product so far, you can config the update rate, scroll speed, coins,price Reserve Decimal at backend of module.

    1. Simple and Easy
    Only display crypto currency logo and realtime market price (usd) as moveing scroll bar .

    1. Config
      Update rate : update data rate(millisecond). advice : 3000 – 6000
      Speed : scroll bar move speed , default = 10 , advice : 10-15
      Decimal: how many reserve decimal you want ,1-7
      Coins List: select crypto currency that you want to display

    2. Display anywhere you want
      You can install the plugin at joomla backend, and create a new module, choose a position that you want to display in joomla frontend. My favorite place is Breadcrumbs!


    I would like to give you five-star support and any kind of customization about this module or anyther project about CryptoCurrency
    Author : Kevin
    Email :
    Skype: widcater

  3. RO Single Sign On allows your Joomla site to act as a service provider and use the login from a trusted identity provider. You can even turn your Joomla site into your own identity provider and become the single place where you manage your users.

    Instead of using an external party like Google or Facebook to handle your authentication you can use your Joomla site as an Identity Provider. Hook up any client, like any other Joomla site or another application that makes use of SAML to connect to your Joomla website. Using RO Single Sign On as Identity Provider makes connecting an identity provider very easy.

    Using RO Single Sign On you can use your Joomla website as a Service Provider by allowing your users to login with an external identity provider, for example ADFS within your network or Google/Facebook as outside providers.

  4. This plugin logs outbound mail from Joomla! for troubleshooting and email send verification. Scenarios where this plugin is useful include:

    • a site visitor tells you that they did not receive a password reset request or username reminder.
    • you clicked the Send Test Mail button in Global Configuration but you did not receive the test email.
    • A new site member registered but says they never received their activation email

    For each of these cases and more you can now search the log generated by this plugin to determine what really occurred. You do not need to enable Joomla! debug settings or configure any other plugins. Set different levels of mail logging for more information or less. Permit other loggers to also store mail info, or just let this plugin do it. By default, hides usernames and passwords from the log, but this masking can be disabled for troubleshooting ease.

    Works with the O3 Log Viewer extension, making troubleshooting your site email even easier.

  5. EFat Event Booking is a Joomla electronic invoicing plugin that allows you to generate electronic invoices with Joomla and Event Booking component.

    EFat Event Booking solves all the problems related to electronic invoicing in Joomla by automating the creation of the necessary XML file.

    If you have an e-commerce website with Joomla you can automate the process of creating electronic invoices with Joomla, creating XML files valid for the Italian Invoicing Exchange System.

    The plugin for electronic invoicing with Joomla is for this: once installed on your Joomla website with Event Booking, you can easily create electronic invoices with Joomla and Event Booking.

    The plugin will generate XML files for electronic invoice with Joomla ready to be sent to the Exchange System.